Board Members
Division Name Position Belonged To
Mr. Kang, Won Sun Commissioner Software Researcher of the Police Center
Ms. Kwon, Byoung Jin Commissioner Attorney, Law Firm Shin-A
Mr. Kim, Sung Min Commissioner CEO, Consumer TV Korea
Ms. Kim, Sung Jae Commissioner Professor, Seoul National University
Mr. Ra, Hyeon Ju Commissioner CPA, Horwath Choongjung LLC
Mr. Shon, Su Ho Commissioner Professor, Induk University
Mr. Ryu, Kwon Hong Commissioner Professor, Wonkwang University
Ms. Yoon, Myeong Sook Commissioner Professor, Chonbuk National University
Ms. Lee, kum Hyoung Commissioner Professor, Seowon University
Mr. Han Beom Soo Commissioner Professor, Kyonggi University
Mr. Koo, Yoon-cheol Vice Minister II Ministry of Strategy and Fiance
Mr. Yoon, Jong-in Vice Minister Ministry of the Interior and Safety
Mr. Roh, tae-kang Vice Minister II Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Mr. Kim, Hyun-soo Vice Minister Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs