Chairman’s Message
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Welcome to the
NGCC website!

Chairman of the National Gambling Control Commission

Welcome to the NGCC website!

The National Gambling Control Commission


The NGCC was set up in 2007 under the authority of the Prime Minister for comprehensive supervision over the gambling industry and surveillance on illegal gambling activities.

We have been making efforts to establish a safe and healthy environment for the gambling industry. We implemented the CAP system to control the overall volume of gambling businesses and the electronic player’s card system to protect players. We also ran annual evaluation on the gambling operators for responsible management and offered guidance at gambling sites.

It is also our duty to prevent and treat problem gambling. Funded by the levy for gambling addiction prevention and treatment, the NGCC and the Korea Problem Gambling Agency (KPGA) are together running services for problem gamblers and their families.

Our Illegal Gambling Vigilance Center is keeping a close eye on illegal gambling businesses and reward those who report illegal gambling.

Today, the advancement of information technology and rising socio-economic activities online increased accessability to gambling. We are concerned that illegal online gambling activities would grow faster in such environment. This may lead to social tragedies such as gambling addiction and family breakdown.

With the aim to “bring forward a healthy society through making gambling industry safe and sound,” we will reinforce the responsible business practices of gambling operators and devise new measures to minimize the negative consequences of both legal and illegal gambling.

However, the NGCC cannot make gambling safe and healthy on our own. We need your support.

Please pay attention to our gambling control policies and do not hesitate to report any illegal gambling activities around you. The NGCC will continue to serve you the best way possible.