Message From Chairman

Our Commission was set up under the National Gambling Control Commission Act in 2007, which belongs to the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, our commission has made great efforts to improve the soundness of the legalized gambling industry and Institutional Foundation of Gambling Addiction Prevention through the introduction of the CAP system, evaluation of sound, electronic card operation, new addiction prevention healing charge, establishment of Korea Center on Gambling Problem according to the foundation of the 1st National Master Plan(2009~2013) and 2nd National Master Plan(2014~2018) for Responsible Gambling.

The fourth Commission will ensure the establishment of a sound gambling industry(ex. management of the CAP system, reinforcement on-site supervision), the eradication of illegal gambling, and gambling addiction prevention and treatment based on soundness of the legalized gambling industry.

As the Chairman of our Commission, I hope that all people will take an active interest in our policy that aims to establish the gambling industry as a sound leisure activity. In addition, I hope to have your active report on illegal gambling actions via the Illegal Gambling Vigilance Center. Thank you.