National Master Plan For Responsible Gambling
  • Soundness of
    the Gambling Industry

  • Eradication of Illegal Gambling

  • Gambling Addiction
    Prevention and Treatment

  • Reinforcement of Domestic and
    International Cooperation

Status of Promotion

Adjustment of the total amount to prevent excessive expansion of the gambling industry

- The CAP System of total amount of sales: The proportion of GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) to GDP(Gross Domestic Product) has been reduced at the 0.58% level in 2013.
· 0.631% (2009), 0.618% (2010), 0.606% (2011), 0.593% (2012), and 0.58% (2013)
· The turnover of Sports Toto in 2012 has been increased from 11% to 13.6% on condition of the full implementation of the electronic players’ card system in 2017
- The CAP System of the number of premises: The number of premises has been fixed to maintain the same level as 2008.
· On-course (7→9): Foundation of a racecourse in Yeongcheon in 2011 and a bullfight stadium in Cheongdo in 2012 (excluding 17 foreigners-only casinos)
· Off-course (68→71): Including reception of motorboat-racing in Busan Spo1 Corporation and Changwon Cycle Racing Corporation in 2012 and off-course of Changwon Cycle Racing Corporation in Daegu in 2013

Promoting soundness of premises (inspection & guidance, improvement of environment, etc.)

- Field investigator has been employed since 2009; and they have investigated and supervised the sites.
- Premises have been categorized by soundness levels and inspected by its level since 2013.
※ Based on violations and the size of the premises (turnover and number of visitors etc.), the inspection is accomplished at most once for the upper level, 1~2 times for the middle, and 3 times for the lower.
- Guidance on observance of the maximum number of admissions, expansion of reserved seats, and improved environment of premises

Introduction of the soundness evaluation system for gambling businesses

- Execution plan was prepared in Jan. 2010; and an evaluated demonstration of the system's soundness in 2010 was done in Feb. 2011.
- The evaluation started in Feb. 2012, and its results have been applied to increase and/or decrease the levy and the CAP.

Outcomes and Limitations

Preventing excessive prevalence of gambling industry by regulation of total amount of sales
- The average increase rate of GGY in gambling industry has rapidly decreased from 16.9% between 2000 and 2008 to 5.8% between 2009 and 2012; and the average of pure increase rate is 0.2% in consideration of GDP increase rate.

(Billion US$)

2009 2010 2011 2012 Average of increase rate
GGY 68,553 72,255 76,460 82,315  
Increase rate 4.1% 5.4% 5.8% 7.7% 5.8%
Pure increase rate 0.4% 4.8% 0.5% 4.6% 0.2%

Exchange rate of KR₩ to US$: $ 1= ₩ 1,276.35 (2009), 1,156.00 (2010), 1,107.99 (2011), and 1,126.76 (2012)

- The results of observing the CAP are applied to the increase and/or decrease of the levy and the CAP; however, it is possible only to advise the businesses that exceed the CAP instead of restricting them directly.

CAP System of the number of premises has been observed; but it is the recent tendency to request expansion of its CAP.

- Recently increasing request on an expansion of the premise installation, in particular more installation of off-courses and permission of cross-reception on condition of implementation of the electronic players’ card system
- Rise of an equity issue between lottery & Sports Toto, which are excluded from regulation, and other gambling industries

It is difficult to promote the phased reduction of off-course turnovers compared to on-course.

- Slightly increased ratio of off-course turnover because turnover of gambling industry has depended on that of off-course(69.86% in 2009 → 69.99% in 2012)

Overall enhancement of premise environment; but continuous violation of upper limit of purchase

- Proportion of cross-reception by business types has maintained within 50% of total number of races.
- Outcomes: Abolition of online betting in horse-racing, reduction of daily number of online betting in Sports Toto, observance of maximum number of admissions, and expansion of reserved seats
- Continuous field inspection has curtailed violation cases since 2011; however, the violation of the upper limit of purchase, which takes 92% of violation cases, has to be improved.

Introduction of the soundness evaluation system for the security of policy effectiveness

- Improvement of evaluation and utilization methods, such as upgrade of evaluation indicators

Future Direction of Prosecution

Principle is to freeze CAP at 2013 level and enforce restrictions on violations

< Considerations in set-up of policy objectives >

Focusing on demand regulations in order to minimize social side-effects including gambling addiction

Inducing gamblers into legalized gambling through strengthening surveillance of illegal gambling industry

Decreasing turnover of other gambling industries because of increasing turnover of foreigners-only casinos

Changing the structure of international gambling industry such as fast-growing ratio of machine games’ turnover

Constructing sound business environment through continuous supervision and guidance on enhancing the environment Reinforcing evaluation system of gambling industry, such as improvement of evaluation indicators and enhancement of utilization

1-1 Execution of the CAP

The CAP System of total amount of sales

- The proportion of GGY to GDP will be controlled at the 0.58% level by 2018.
· Taking action against businesses that exceed their CAP, for example, advising them to observe the CAP for the next quarter and adjust the means of execution, reducing the CAP for the next year, increasing the levy etc.
· Enacting laws regarding correction order, imposition of fines for negligence, increase in the levy etc., when a gambling business disobeys advice regarding the CAP by the National Gambling Control Commission (henceforth, “the Commission”) or violates the National Gaming Control Commission Act
- Based on future changes between 2014 and 2015 in gambling turnover and social conditions, the Commission will reconsider whether to modify a policy objective of the CAP.
· However, the estimation criteria and change of methods of GDP will be immediately applied; and objectives will be adjusted

The CAP System of the number of premises

- In principle, the number of premises will be controlled at the same level as 2013 (acceptance criteria).
· The CAP would be adjusted by the prior consultation with the Commission, in case the gambling industry sets up soundness measures on extended implementation of electronic players’ card system and reduction of prevalence of problem gambling etc.
· The Commission considers how to incorporate lottery and Sports Toto in order to control their CAP of number of premises and total amount of sales of each industry.
- Based on relative studies, the Commission plans to establish the execution plan with relevant institutions.

1-2 Construction of a sound business environment

1-2-1. Enhancement of infrastructure and operation system on premises

Foundation of standards for business environment

- Established criteria are needed, in which a business site could be transformed into a space for culture complex and/or sound leisure.
- After analysis of the effects of the maximum number of admissions, reserved seats, and business environment on the sound environment, relevant criteria will be established.

Enhancement of the cross-voting system

* The cross-voting system means a type of broadcasting and ticketing one-way or mutual racing (horse-, bicycle-, and motorboat-racing) between the racecourses that hold the racing games.
- Presentation of reduction objectives for the racecourses whose proportion of cross-reception is over 60%
· With reference to recent changes in proportion of cross-voting, reduction objective would be less than 1%
· Proportion would be adjusted based on the prevalence of problem gambling, results of electronic players’ card system, practical conditions etc.

The results of achieving objectives will be applied to the ‘Evaluation of the Soundness of Gambling Industry.’Enhancement of online betting

- Standards for policy judgment based on relative studies of online and mobile betting
· Research and studies on proper and adverse aspects of online and mobile betting will be done
· Standards for policy judgment regarding online and mobile betting will be prepared through conferences of relevant authorities, institutions, experts, and civic groups.
* Mobile betting is a system that allows gamblers to bet only within a certain business site through a mobile application

installed in a Smartphone.

· The Commission will establish a measure of how to strengthen the soundness of the gambling companies, which currently operate their online betting system, including Sports Toto and an electronic lottery.

1-2-2. Enhancement of field supervision

Reinforcement of field supervision

- Inspection will be reinforced as to the level of business soundness- for example, existing violation cases, the size of business sites, the proportion of expanded implementation of electronic players’ card system, and the inducement to prevent excessive betting.
Field investigators in charge of each premise will have the opportunity for job rotation and be evaluated by a framed performance appraisal system.
Adoption of report and reward system for violation of premise allowance items including upper limit of purchase

Secured effectiveness of investigation results

- In order to secure the restriction means against the field investigation results of premises, legal and institutional methods will be improved.
A legal basis regarding the upper limit of purchase will be founded according to the study results on the propriety of the purchase limit in each type of gambling business and installation and operation of VIP rooms.

1-3. Reinforcement of the evaluation system

Reinforcement of soundness evaluation system

- Improvement of evaluation system
· For objectivity security, the measuring index will be expanded, and the evaluation system will be improved
· Endeavor to enhance the premise soundness will be weighed in the evaluation including: expansion of the electronic players’ card system and the increase or decrease of the premise area.
- Weight of the evaluation results will be agreed upon by the Commission and each gambling business in the evaluation of the gambling industry.
· The weight of the soundness evaluation results will increase in calculation of the CAP and the levy.
· The results of the soundness evaluation done by the Commission will be applied to the public organizations performance evaluation (Ministry of Strategy and Finance) and the management evaluation system for local public corporations (Ministry of Security and Public Administration).
· In re-evaluating the contract time extension of lottery, Sports Toto, and casinos for residents only, the results of the soundness evaluation will be applied.
· For the selection of a new consigned business for the gambling industry, the candidates’ plans for the soundness policy will be evaluated.

Adoption of the effects-evaluation system of gambling

- Each gambling industry must investigate and assess the effect of establishment and relocation of a new gambling industry and premise on a local community in advance; therefore, possible negative effects can be removed.
· The evaluation system will be used to mitigate the social side effects of the gambling industry as an effective anticipative conunterplan and means of regulating the industry.
- The pre-test will be done in 2014; and the execution plan will be prepared after the decision of the Commission with the Imposition Council (tentative) in 2015.
· Subject: All types and premises of gambling industry except casinos reserved for foreigners.

Improvement of Gambling Industry Advertising Review Board (GIARB)

- Kangwon Land and Cheong-do Public Corporation (CPC) will be included in the objects of Gambling Industry Advertising Review Board

※ In case of the foreigners-only casinos and those who have their own review boards according to the regulations of the Individual Law, they could be excluded from the review objects.
GIARB will be composed of the licensee of gambling industry, the members of the Commission, and external experts related to the gambling industry or advertising, which will contain the majority of experts.
Detailed review criteria will be prepared and executed, including advertising messages, characters, time slots etc.

Results and Limitation

Estimation of market size of illegal gambling

· Primary survey (Aju Univ., 2008): KR₩53.7 trillion
· Secondary survey (Korea Univ., 2012): KR₩75.1 trillion
  ※ Illegal house gambling (KR₩19.3 trillion) is included, which has not been in the primary survey.

Amendment of the National Gambling Control Commission Act (May 23, 2012) and investigation of illegal gambling activities

· Installation of Illegal Gambling Vigilance Center (Nov. 24, 2012)
· Recruitment of field investigators and beginning their investigation (Apr. 2013~)
  ※ 103 cases of field investigation and 83,287 cases related to online sites (Oct. 2013)

Establishment of surveillance system of illegal gambling actions

· Building working-level consultative body between gambling industry and relevant authorities including Ministry of Justice, National Police Agency, Korea Communication Standards Commission, and Game Rating Board (Mar. 2013 ~)
· In cooperation with National Police Agency, who has the right to investigate, field investigation of illegal gambling has been conducted; and illegal gambling websites have been blocked by the Korean Communication Standards Commission.

Status of Promotion

The Illegal Gambling Vigilance Center has been installed and operated, however it has been limited to cracking down immediately and efficiently without a right to investigate.
Penalty clauses or methods to redeem financial gains are weak.
It has focused on the restriction on the legalized gambling industry; thus, it has been pointed out that illegal gambling has increased

Future direction

System enhancement, such as the introduction of special judicial police power, is required.
Consideration of how to reinforce penalties for people engaged in illegal gambling and redeem financial benefits from it.
Reinforcement of promotion and education to eradicate illegal gambling.

2-1 Promotion of system improvement

Introduction of special judicial police power

- Force to authorize Commission to have the right to investigate illegal gambling activities (on the National Gambling Control Commission Act) and special judicial police power (on the Judical Police Administration Act).
- Sufficient additional security of public servant quota to authorize special judicial police power

Operation of government-wide policy consultative body

- Aims to establish unified government-wide system from surveillance through investigation to relevant action (blocking websites and restriction of financial transactions) Based on a legal basis, the consultative body will be composed of and operated by the relevant authorities, prosecution, police, gambling industry etc.
- The consultative body will play a role in managing both consultation about measures for eradication of the illegal gambling industry and the reaction of the gambling business to illegal gambling.

To prepare effective surveillance and regulation

- How to introduce administrative disposition authority, including administrative investigation, legal force etc.
- How to introduce a system of prosecution suspension premised on participation in a program for gambling addiction treatment according to the agreement with the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
- How information and communication service providers will take measures to tentatively block access to information relating to illegal gambling when requested to by the Commission
- How to expand rewards for reporters and people of merit and to provide incentives including governmental rewards
- How to utilize the levy for gambling addiction prevention and treatment in promoting the eradication of the illegal gambling industry

2-2 Reinforcement of the penalty and the redemption of financial gains

Promotion to block funds related to the illegal gambling industry and redeem financial gains

- Preparation of the legal basis related to blocking funds related to the illegal gambling industry
※ After securing special judicial police power, the Commission will establish a special law or revise the ‘Special Act for redemption of the amount of damage from telecommunication finance fraud.’
- Preparation of the order basis regarding the forfeit preservation of funds related to the illegal gambling prior to prosecution
※ Proceed with amendment of ‘Act of regulation and punishment on crime gains concealment’ on National Gambling Control Commission Act in order to include all types of illegal gambling as ‘serious crimes’

Increased punishment of those related to illegal gambling activities

- The legal basis must be prepared by individual law, which could strengthen punish ment of accessories to certain types of crime, including any venues that sponsor illegal gambling.

2-3 Reinforcement of promotion and education

Promotion of surveillance and regulation system

- Regular promotion of regulation cases of the illegal gambling industry
- Production support of documentary programs about gambling on the air channel broadcasting
- Employment of various promotional channels including newspapers, subway advertisements, bulletins of neighborhood meetings, radio commercials etc.

To alert people to harmful effects and ensuing penalties

- Promotion of and education about penalties for illegal gamblers
- Implementation of early-prevention education for children and teenagers
- Development and supply of education programs containing potential harmful effects on each age group and how to prevent them.

Preparing the way to boost reporting

- To secure an additional budget for rewards and increase the amount of the reward
- To diversify promotion methods on the report center and the reward system
- Enhancement of the report system through protecting reporters' privacy and an aggressive response to each reporting.

Status of Promotion

Prevalence of problem gambling in Korea (7.2%) is 2~3 times higher than the average rate of other leading countries Pilot operation of the electronic players’ card system

- Wagering – including horse-, bicycle-, and motorboat-racing, has operated the pilot system of electronic players’ cards between 2010 and 2011; and a phased operation within 10% of the off-courses premisss has been executed since 2012
- Casinos: the pilot operation of gambling addiction prevention by introducing the electronic table game
- Sports Toto: the ongoing study services aim to fully implement the system in 2017
  ※ The lottery has been excluded from the target to be implemented the system in the 1st national master plan.

Preparation of the basis for gambling addiction prevention and treatment

- Since 2010, training professional manpower on avoiding gambling addiction; establishment of ‘Gambling Addiction Banishment Day’ and ‘Gambling Addiction Prevention Week’; and foundation of regional center for gambling addiction prevention and treatment
  ※ Five regional center: Gyunggi and Busan Center (Aug. 2010), Gwangju and Kangwon Center (Nov. 2012), and Seoul Center (Aug. 2013)
- Based on the constituted revision of the National Gambling Control Commission Act in 2012, the Commission established the foundation to minimize the harmful effects of gambling
· Preparation and improvement of legal basis for the levy system in May 2012 (3.5 to 1,000 of GGY)
· The Korea Center on Gambling Problems (henceforth, “KCGP”), established in August 2013, is a specialized institution for gambling addiction prevention and treatment.

Prevention and promotion action according to each gambling business

- Soundness program operation, including sound purchase education, management of supporters, soundness campaign etc.
- Distribution of images and printouts and clear statement and adhesion of warning signs of gambling addiction
- Implementation of gambling addiction prevention education for employees and store-owners in gambling industry

Results and Limitations

Weak basis for full implementation of electronic players’ card system

- The effect of implementation of the system has been proved the followings: a decrease in prevalence of problem gambling, violations of the upper purchase limit, excessive betting etc.
※ Two premises (bicycle-racing, Dongdaemun; and horse-racing, Incheon) showed a decrease in the prevalence of problem gambling and violations, involving exceeding betting limits, respectively average 35.3% and 70%
- The turnover of premises where electronic players’ card system has been implemented has rapidly decreased by more than 50% and the usage rate of the system has been congested in premises where both the card and cash betting were allowed.

Limitation of gambling-industry-centered prevention and promotion activities

- Gambling businesses have an initial imperative both to increase sales and prevent gambling addiction.
- The Commission has the institutional to ask gambling businesses to perform aggressive prevention activities.

The prevention and treatment basis founded by the Commission is still pending. fledgling

- KCGP, launched in August 2013, is a professional organization for gambling addiction prevention and treatment, though its system has yet to be fully established.
- KCGP still has some obstacles including: weakness of professional manpower training in progress since 2010, insufficiency of gambling addiction prevention and promotion activities, and a lack of public awareness of the problem

Future direction

To promote extended enforcement of the electronic players’ card system through building the implementation basis
To propose an effective policy direction for gambling addiction prevention
To lead early settlement of KCGP and invigorate its services

3-1 Extended implementation of electronic players’ card system

Basic direction of enforcement

Based on the aim of the overall implementation until 2018, the implementation basis will be built in 2016.
The system will be promoted according to each characteristic of the various types of businesses and in agreement with gambling industry.

Establishment of implementation basis

Composition and operation of the Task Force Team belonged to Commission (March 2014 ~)
- TFT will consist of commissioners, staff of the Commission and gambling business, system experts etc.
- TFT will monitor continuously the current state of the system promotion, its problems, and the environmental change trends according to the system and draw up appropriate measures.

Expansion of pilot operation among wagering and term (~Dec. 2015)

- Premises that fully implement the system will found the strategy to normalize their sales.
- Premises that allow both card and cash betting will operate a pilot system after preparation of an improvement plan, including a method to increase the usage of the electronic players’ card.
- New pilot premises will be chosen and operated to implement the system fully or with cash betting according to the agreement with each gambling business in considering its effectiveness and practical conditions.
- When a new premise is requested to be founded, the full implementation of the system will be the condition for permission.

Establishment of execution plan for other gambling industry besides wagering (2014~2016)

- The lottery will determine whether to implement the electronic players’ card system or not, after studying the validity of introducing the system and the method of observing the upper purchasing limit in 2014.
- Sports Toto will found the execution plan established by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation in the first half of 2014 and implement the system beginning in 2017.
- The resident-only casino will demonstrate electronic table games for strengthening prevention of gambling addiction in the first half of 2014, and then the extended execution plan will be prepared.
- CPC will found the execution plan regarding bullfighting to implement the system in consideration of its late entry to the gambling industry.

Basis establishment for full implementation of electronic players’ card system (~Oct. 2016)

- Guideline set-up to operate electronic players’ card system according to results of TFT monitoring and effect-analysis of the system
- Foundation of execution plan of electronic players’ card system for phased extension implementation of said system
  · Deciding targeted proportion goal by year and time of full implementation of system
- Commission's modification and implementation of system after building detailed execution plan of each gambling business

3-2. Reinforcement of prevention and promotion

Establishment of comprehensive strategies for prevention and promotion

Founding comprehensive strategy based on research and evaluation regarding nation-wide reaction system, early-intervention and support plan, and effective network establishment
Seeking how to substantialize functions and roles of Commission, gambling businesses, KCGP, and private specialized organization, and to cooperate with relevant institutions

Preparation of regulations for user protection in gambling industry

Guideline on gambling addiction prevention as gambling industry’s obligation, including warning phrase about how to prevent addiction to gambling and its harmful effects, and adhesive location of poster in premises Each gambling business will be led to regulate its obligation of user protection and establish practical principles

Year-round campaign for gambling addiction prevention

Advertisement of annual campaign for gambling addiction prevention tied with KCGP, civic groups, experts, relevant staff etc.
- Selection of effective place for campaign in consideration of action radius of high-risk problem gamblers, including crowded places, surroundings of gambling premises, and schools
Gambling addiction prevention campaign in use of various media and methods
Establishment of prevention and promotion strategies based on evaluation of prevention and promotion effectiveness

Reinforcement of gambling addiction prevention education by objects

Development and operation of education programs reflecting characteristics of object types
Invigoration of prevention education of school-base groups including preschoolers, elementary schoolchildren, middle and high school students etc.

Set-up of how to protect foreigners

Analysis of gambling industry usage of foreign workers and overseas Koreans and service demands of gambling addiction prevention and treatment
Review of how to include foreigners-only casinos as an object of levy charge and to reinforce gambling addiction prevention and treatment toward foreign workers and overseas Koreans

3-3. Vitalization to run KCGP

Promotion of early settlement

Establishment of evaluation frame for gambling addiction prevention  treatment rehabilitation services confirmation ofservice guideline and service standard suggestion; and foundation of system to verify services
Establishment of responsible management system by designation of public institutions
Establishment of supervision system on KCGP

Extension of regional center installation and its reinforcement

Extra installation of six centers between 2014 and 2018; followed by operation of total of 11 centers
- Varied types of regional centers: base-type (branch), general-type (consignment), and cooperation-type; modification of installation size based on local characteristics, such as service population, accessibility, etc.
- Annual evaluation of operation and effectiveness and transformation of consigned institution and size modification
Consideration of cooperation method with prevention and treatment centers run by gambling businesses

Reinforcement of prevention treatment rehabilitation services

Unification of main number of help-line and maintenance of 24-hour operation system
Provision of counseling services linked to premises of each gambling business and its operation hours
Strengthening cooperation with counseling 〮 prevention 〮 treatment institutions such as government, local self-governing body, varied counseling centers, suicide prevention center, etc.
Long-term plan establishment for consignment or installation of treatment-and-rehabilitation-centered-facilities

Reinforcement of professional manpower training and employee education

To train professional manpower to provide systematic and effective services by relevant sectors
To develop phased curricula according to demand survey regarding employee education by each gambling business
To re-educate professional manpower and prevention lecturers to enhance their effectiveness

Status of Promotion

Network establishment with relevant institutions including civic groups, universities, gambling industry etc. cards

- Nine civic groups (Dec. 2012) and Catholic University Dean Conference (May 2010) signed the MOU
- Network establishment with University Prevention Activities and Korea Gambling Addiction Prevention Action Conference Corporation, etc.
- NGCC activated “Gambling Addiction Awareness” week together with Korea Racing Authority and Kangwon Land (Aug.~Sep. 2011)

Domestic and international exchange regarding gambling industry and gambling addiction prevention and treatment

- Opening 4 symposiums, 2 domestic workshops, and 3 international conferences (Dec. 2008, Sep. 2009, and Sep. 2010)
- Participating in 4 international conferences and visiting international institutions five times (2008~2013)

Research services for effective policy-making

- 56 studies have been done regarding the gambling industry including the usage state of said industry.

Results and Limitations

Lack of joint effort between the government and gambling executives to enhance soundness of gambling industry
Insufficient information exchange with international institutions, academia, and relevant authorities
Inadequate comprehensive management of experts and research capacity relating to gambling industry

Future direction

To establish cooperation system for enhancing sound gambling industry
To invigorate network between relevant institutions and international exchange
Research cooperation from private, governmental, and academic points of view

4-1 Establishment of cooperation system for sound development of gambling industry

Constitution and operation of ‘Conference for sound development of gambling industry (Tentative)’

Composing conference where Commission, governmental authorities, and representatives of gambling businesses participate and hold regular conference
This conference will be an opportunity to exchange information on how to improve the soundness of the gambling industry and the current issues regarding the business, its policy, etc.

Launching the ‘Policy forum for gambling industry (Tentative)’

To launch forum where Commission, governmental authorities, gambling executives, experts, and scholars participate
Selection and proclamation of joint agenda for sound improvement of gambling industry, joint host of international symposium, presentation regarding model examples of sound gambling industry, and award for outstanding business and employees, etc.

4-2 Vitalization of domestic and international network

Network consolidation with relevant institutions

MOU with service providers agreement with governmental authorities
Opening joint events with related academic fields, legislation, fiscal service institutions, etc

Invigoration of international exchange

Enhancement of information exchange with international gaming regulators, international gambling addiction institutions, and related associations
Participation in international symposiums regarding gambling industry, presentation of study results, and information exchange

4-3 Reinforcement of research cooperation from private, governmental, and academic points of view

Composition and operation of expert advisory group

Building expert manpower pool regarding gambling industry
Operating advisory group composed of scholars, members of the gambling industry for various survey, soundness evaluation, advertisement review, etc.

Regular survey of current state

Biennial survey of prevalence of problem gambling representing whole nation
Decrease of survey cycle of illegal gambling, betting abroad, and analysis of progress

Study of gambling policies of leading countries

To regularize a study of gambling policies of leading countries including OECD nations
Preparation and distribution of form of issue paper based on study results

Verification of effectiveness by business

Enhancement of policy effectiveness and efficiency by regular evaluation of each business
Study results measuring satisfaction and recognition of the policy beneficiary and the company's stakeholders will be utilized to boost national awareness and applied to developing new businesses.
News about Commission activities, policy information, and domestic and international data will be released through the homepage.